Some of our recent funding partners

March 2020 


Gave us funding for the 85 Solar Panels that we have, thus reducing our carbon footprint and dramatically reducing our overheads for electricity. 
We would like to thank the Scottish Power Energy Networks fund for their support of this project.


November 2021

The Community Climate Asset Fund gave us a grant to replace all lighting in the centre to LED.
We would like to thank the Climate Asset Fund for their support of this project



March 2022 
We opened our new extension to the main hall after 3 years of planning and gathering the necessary funds all made possible by the generous grants from the following organisations:-

Robertson Trust


Ref Fund

Minerals Trust

Garfield Weston

Clothworkers Logo

We would like to thank you all for your support of this project.




February 2023
Aria Funding

We were recently successful in applying for funding from the Aria (Ayrshire Rural and Islands Ambition Fund), small capital grants scheme.

This grant was in support of our Warm Hub within Netherthird Community Centre. We received a total of £8275.68p which allowed us to purchase various capital items to operate our Warm Hub Within Netherthird Community Centre.

We purchased a projector and projector screen to allow us to show movies and other presentations as well as purchasing chairs and air conditioners for use in the centre.

We would like to thank the ARIA fund for their support of this project and for the Netherthird Warm Hub.